face 2 facebook, the book!

I have started an ibook about my facebook experiences.

If you have an iPad, you can use the iBooks format file. (be patient, it’s massive!)

If you don’t have an iPad, please enjoy this PDF file. Same great layout, now with 100% less video and interactivity!


Thank you for your interest in face 2 facebook, the book!

face 2 facebook, the book will be released exclusively – at first! – as an iBook for the iPad and available through Apple’s iBooks store. This iBooks version will contain all the video, picture and text content from the blog. Shortly thereafter, we’ll create PDF and Kindle compatible versions which will contain links to all the relevant media and content not supported by those formats. After that, there may even be a dead-tree format version… who knows!?

face 2 facebook, the book!

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