face to facebook new year’s resolution–

in order to make good on the new year’s resolution to have an in person interaction with every one of my facebook friends, i have to learn to use (sigh!) more technology–so i made and posted my first ever video to facebook.  so far, nobody has defriended me.  i actually have been rather frightened of that.  

2 responses to “face to facebook new year’s resolution–

  • Jonathan Boyd


    I have to admit, I like your idea to meet ALL your Facebook friends in a single year. Best of luck in your endeavor! Maybe you can turn this into a book or even a movie deal! I know that you and I are “friends” at the suggestion of John David Lafond, who was trying to match people who like to play Scrabble, I think. I’m usually not one who unfriends people much, and I usually find what you post to FB to be interesting. Sadly, I don’t foresee a trip up to Chicago for me this year, so you might have to take a trip here to Huntsville, AL to meet me. If you want to make plans, feel free to e-mail me or send a direct message on FB.

    Again, best of luck with your project! It certainly sounds interesting, and very challenging to boot!

    • arlynnpresser

      i think i do remember that you completely destroy me in scrabble! and i’m sorry to hear you’re not in champaign–i will be making a trip to the south in a few months and if you don’t mind, i will be looking you up. . . . i will bring tidings from john and alice!

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