face to facebook friendship requests

mike castagna came over to the house yesterday.  he saw the index card system i’ve devised to keep track of my face to facebook new year’s resolution.  he had one piece of advice:  do not accept any new facebook friendship requests.  but i couldn’t help myself.

darrell’s style shop in kearney, missouri is my newest friend–i wrote a history of kearney, missouri which is where jesse james was born and where he was buried.  and reburied.  and reburied again. . . . still, i’m sorry, mike–i want the free manicure/pedicure that i’m sure to get when i visit kearney!

so there are 327 facebook friends, mike being number three.  when i first joined facebook, i automatically confirmed every request because i assumed that the person knew me and i would be rude to refuse a hand held out in friendship.  like somewhere there’s a kindergarten teacher who’s prepared to lecture me that we don’t want people to feel left out!

5 responses to “face to facebook friendship requests

  • Mark Del Rosario

    Anxiety attacks, yup got those too. My fondest memory of it was going to the doctor and insisting I had a heart defect… which of course he told me was just stomach acid messing up my chest. You’ll laugh at it once you’re over it. Go meet friends and travel – the world is waiting for you Arlynn!

  • John R. Douglas

    Straight from the heart, honest and funny video. And do these inclusions make this a “vlog”?

    I’m thinking you’re going to need more file cards, though. Given the size of the group of people you plan to meet, there’s going to be a lot of “moving target” issues to deal with and the best way to have a hope of accomplishing the goal is to ask all of your friends for their rough itineraries for the year (with regular updates as plans change) so you can collate information and hope for some serendipitous path-crossings that will make your quest a little easier to accomplish.

    • arlynnpresser

      man, you are as amazingly organized as mike castagna!!! i’m not, unfortunately, but i’m on my way to new york quite soon and you HAVE to let me meet you. . . but yes, there are so many people who are like “i live in nicaragua and brooklyn, when do you want to see me?” i have only one home.

  • Mike Castagna

    I am impressed with anyone that is organized as Mike Castagna, especially since I am one myself. Kepp up the good work Mike.

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