ole brasil! new friends, old friends, silver and gold!!!

boy, i was momentarily scared by the mention at gizmodo.com and at globo.com.  i felt a little overwhelmed, even a little made fun of. i assumed that i would get lots of snarky, sort of snide messages.  but no, i have been stunned.  new friends are just as wonderful and supportive as older (not in age, just in longevity) friends.

i’m naturally a stay at home sort.  i have been trying to personally respond to every friendship request and every message and i’m not doing a particularly good job, but i’m doing my best.  three hundred and thirty five friends, three hundred and sixty five days–i’m at forty four and although i got a little stranded by two people i was supposed to see over the weekend, i’m still on target. . .

i head for new york on thursday.  a plane–scary!  an itinerary of friends starting with richard “mop” furniss at the museum of sex.  sex???  i’m fifty years old, there’s no sex at fifty years old.  and friends–they are new and old, silver and gold!!!

2 responses to “ole brasil! new friends, old friends, silver and gold!!!

  • William Martins

    Hi! My name is William Martin, I’m 17 and I knew your blog through a story published about you on a Brazilian website and I found his story interesting because you want to know 330 of your friends from Facebook. I do not live in Rio or Sao Paulo and I live in Imperatriz, Maranhão. Wish you good luck! Welcome to Brazil 🙂

  • Phelipe Neri

    hi!, Welcome to Brazil.
    I’d like to meet her.
    kisses ..
    i see you soon.

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