my facebook friends are sometimes united by a desire to do good things

so for my japanese facebook friends and then a one hundred dollar challenge:

すべての私の日本のfacebookの友人に、私は安全、健康であることを望む! 私の祈りはあなたの安全のためである! 多くの愛、arlynn

p.s. 私はあなた方皆に会い、健康の見つけることを年末に望む!

i joined rotary because of colvin henderson, father to f2fb friend #25 max henderson. colvin was dying of mesothelioma and he wanted me to join the winnetka northfield rotary club to sort of “take his place”. i’ve taken the responsibility seriously and will be a rotarian for life. at one time, i even served as president of the club.

rotarians take seriously the idea of doing good for others. i’m not a particularly good person on my own but with a club of rotarians i inadvertently do good things. my friend gina di sando (f2fb #69) is part of a committee of rotarians who are hosting an event on april 16 to pack meals to be sent to the citizens of “the dump” in manaus, nicaragua.

in addition to needing volunteers on that day, gina needs to raise money to help pay for the food that will be packed. she’s selling one hundred dollar raffle tickets, with the prize being five thousand dollars. i bought one ticket. if you buy a ticket, i promise to buy a SECOND ticket and you and i will share the proceeds raised. just go to and look for the kids against hunger program. or contact me either here or on facebook!

sometimes people become better people because of the clubs they join:

our club has been hosting a japanese student named hideki who is from a suburb of tokyo. we have been able to establish that his family is all right. i know our club will do something for the victims of the earthquake. そして当然私達は日本のために祈る

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