2 responses to “some stats and facts about my f2fb friends and me

  • John R. Douglas

    There is one thread of consistency through all this–that your friends are strongly supportive of your efforts to meet the challenge you’ve set yourself and are reaching out to help and aid you in whatever ways that they can.

    There is a second thread of consistency, actually–your weight hasn’t changed at all throughout. Perhaps you’d be happier carrying five fewer pounds but perhaps, equally, you are at the weight that destiny, fate and/or God wants you to be at.

    • arlynnpresser

      absolutely correct on point one! i have been astonished! and i remember you have encouraged me from day one and i still think the grand tour of new york a la john r. douglas was really cool–

      i have been invited into people’s homes, met their families, slept on their beds (really, the glasers of michigan have the nicest mattress on that guest bedroom) and i’ve been shown their artwork, their hobbies, their passions. and when i’ve felt down or sick or ready to give it all up, that’s when i get phone calls and texts and messages saying don’t give up.

      as for the second point, i have kept the five pounds–it’s just redistributed so that i’m a soft, squishy marshmallow of a gal!

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