the road trip for a new year’s eve resolution

after meeting with gitta and jeff in morgantown, this new year’s resolution headed east for friendsville, maryland, to stay at the riverside hotel.  and it was indeed riverside because the water was so high that i could put my hand in it out the window of my second story room.  friendsville lives up to its moniker because where else are you going to meet such nice ones?  in the convenience store, i even met the beauty queen dia shoyer. 

onto delaware to meet facebook friends lon and rita.  but first, some nonfacebook business.  i went to my grandmother’s house in seaford, delaware.  i was shocked to find five strangers in the driveway, unpacking a pick up truck with landscaping supplies.  the house had been sold to beth and ryan.  i hope they will enjoy the house as much as my grandmother did.

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