what do you most want to do when you grow up?

benjamin gonzalez had his birthday yesteryday. and instead of spending it in chicago with his beloved wife marissa and their eighteen month old desmond, he spent it charging out to new york as part of the first leg of my f2fb trip to see facebook cousin megan, first time ever in person facebook friend mary, and steve ware, who is a camera operator for jersey shore.

my new years resolution is the same:  i sat in my house in front of the computer and decided i will go out and meet every one of my 324 facebook friends.  by the next morning, i had eleven new friend requests and i’ve honored those.  i have to meet those 335 friends in their home turf, or wherever they suggest (thank you brian brethauer for directing me to san diego two weeks from now for the science fiction convention!).  i have become a lot better at getting on planes, getting out of the house, getting where i need to go.

upside:  i have learned so much about people–mostly, that everybody thinks they’re odd and some are even ashamed of that oddness, but that–really–there is so much room for normal.  and i’m sort of within range.

downside:  i have gained six pounds.  i feel quite like a snuffaluffagus!

ben has a job that he has set for himself, which is to create a film–almost like making a painting of what i’m doing.  like i said, yesterday was his birthday.  i felt kind of bad that he’d be with me instead of with his family.  but he said this project–which is to say, his project–is exactly what he has always wanted to do.  i asked ben’s assistant director brandon what he wanted to do if he could do any job.  and brandon said “i’m doing it”. . .

the weird thing is even though i’m scared sometimes and sometimes i think my new years resolution is stupid, i’m doing the thing i most want to do–i think i might like to do this when i grow up?

2 responses to “what do you most want to do when you grow up?

  • sigga

    I think that what you are doing is brilliant! We should all try this – or add it to our bucket list. I thought long and hard with your first posts as to whether to ask you to add me as a friend – but figured you had a tough enough job as it is. But, if ever you feel the urge – then you are more than welcome to visit my very humble abode here in Iceland… take care – good luck and best wishes for the remainder of your journey – I will continue to read the feeds and enjoy your journey with you.

  • arlynnpresser

    sigga, iceland is a place all americans regard as so cool and magical! i want to see rejkavic! this might happen as i am finishing up the visits to in-country friends and thinking ahead to my international friends. you are so sweet!! i might need to take you up on the offer of a place to stay! and i will feel your encouragement along the way. tonight in particular i need to see this! thank you thank you!!!! arlynn

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