facebook friends change me

i could not have done this in january.  this project has changed me.  i am transformed by every friend i meet just a little bit at a time.  this was a change that has taken six months of this project to come about!  i am grateful every day for my facebook friends.

2 responses to “facebook friends change me

  • Me-n-Jesus

    Arlynn, you get a flat out A for this one. Don’t sell yourself short. First attempt? Darn tootin’ it’s a A this time. And, yes, you may fail at some point in the future, but THIS time – YOU DID IT!!!! I’m SOOOOO proud of you!!!

  • arlynnpresser

    bonnie, you are such a great friend and supporter! exactly the person who has wrought this change in me. but i don’t think i get an a+ until i can be on a plane and not want to kill the kid in the seat behind me (kicked me all the way from nyc to chicago) and i really apologize to my seatmate. i kept grabbing him during turbulence. i hope he didn’t think i was hitting on him! but i’ll accept your pride and good wishes!!! much love

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