not that fargo

so i could have said anything:  food poisoning, my dog died, car accident, traffic (related), family drama,  sudden call from the president asking for advice on foreign relations.

oh, but there would be 1. no, 2.  don’t have a dog, 3.  uh, didn’t didn’t actually get into a car, 4.  good one, vague, but actually, no, and 5. i’m not sure he needs or wants my advice.

mr. f2fb friend #205 bill wedan was performing in a concert on saturday night.  i prepared.  i was dressed.  keys on the kitchen counter.  mapquest printed out.  jack the gps dude performing back up.

and i thought i can’t.  because i will have a heart attack on the highway, explode spontaneously, anaphylaxic shock, uh oh, it’s the usual stuff i do.  but i gave in.  this year has been about not giving in.  about going out.  doing it.  meeting the friends, seeing the world, getting it all done.

gosh, this is from a party where i met f2fb friend #197 terri wojak for the first time. i should learn to keep my eyes open!


so, i stood up mr. f2fb friend #205 at his concert.  for the first time, i decided to not use an excuse.  instead, i wrote him and said “i’m sorry.  i had a big anxiety attack and there was no way i was going to get out of the house.”

i’ve never thought that somebody could say “okay” to that.

he did.

i’ve had a few rough days but i got out there, and i picked up bill wedan at his home on fargo avenue in chicago.

this is the home bill wedan grew up in and now that his parents have passed, he is in charge


he offered to pick me up at my house for lunch this afternoon.  i decided it was a wrong idea.  i need to go out into the world.  even as far as fargo.  avenue.  but also, i needed to apologize.  he accepted graciously.

i wonder if some of us occasionally (or not so occasionally) make up excuses.  this was one time when i didn’t.

it was okay.

2 responses to “not that fargo

  • Brian Brethauer

    We can’t always succeed on our first attempt and everybody has a few setbacks from time to time. The point is that you rallied your wits, and gave it another go. You didn’t have to. There is no one out there telling you what you HAVE to do. You chose to accomplish your task. Despite fear, or inconvenience, you jumped back in there, made no excuses, and got it done. Now that’s a rare courage!

    • arlynnpresser

      i have lots of setbacks you know i do. i had saturday through today being holed up and completely frozen. i got out of the house. tomorrow i drive to iowa. i am so happy to have met you brian and you (and the two dudes) were instrumental in making it possible for me to get to san diego. much love!!! and there is no less a moral philosopher than john wayne who said that courage is being scared and getting up on the horse anyway. much love!

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