i stall at 229

so this week has been a week of missed connections and stalled out motors.  a week of seemingly no progress whatsoever.  i have a new years resolution to meet every facebook friend i had as of january 1, 2011 and damn, i haven’t gotten any further along since this past saturday.  stalled at f2fb friend #229.

on monday, i had a hide under the covers day and bailed on a facebook galpal i haven’t seen in a couple of years.  on tuesday, i figured out that my cellphone’s memory card (sim card?  sd card?  what?) was busted and my contact list failed.  i had a definite date to meet up with a facebook friend after my appointment with the indian visa people–but i couldn’t call to figure out where we were supposed to meet.  i don’t even know my own son’s phone numbers without my contact list.  and then today, i traveled to cleveland for the fifth time to meet a facebook friend i have never met and am not even quite sure how i know. . .

but there IS some progress, although it may not be measured in numbers.  i got my phone fixed and made arrangments for international calls when i am traveling.  i got my visa from the indian government.  and i have a reservation at the best western in incheon, south korea–a little bit of america stored on unfamiliar land.  i have all my plane reservations and i got to see my younger son eastman whom i will not be able to see again until i return from my around the world visit all my facebook friends tour.  sometimes our progress on goals is not measured on the numbers but on the foundation.

tomorrow morning i move from ohio to michigan. . . .

2 responses to “i stall at 229

  • johnrjdouglas

    Dear ArLynn:

    It’s been a while since I commented but I have been keeping up with my reading and also occasionally catching up with accumulated videos, etc.

    You’ve done heroic work pecking away at the small mountain of names you have committed to seeing/meeting and you should allow yourself some down-time and some prep-time in between major journeys as you plot and plan to cover such substantial amounts of ground in order to accomplish the goal. I remain fascinated by your efforts and impressed by the progress you’ve made and the steps you keep taking–one foot in front of another, repeat ad infinitum, etc.

    As some wise person once put on a book cover–Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. You’re among my heroes of the current year although I also think of another catch-phrase that may also apply–Oh, no! Not another learning experience.

    I note that you plan to swing by NY once again before the end of the year. Hope that the timing works for us to see each other again when that happens. Call me greedy…



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