add a few new members to the 1% club and make sure to log out every once in a while!

there are a few new members to the 1% club as facebook announces an initial public offering.

a lot of the fire in the occupy movement centers around the 1% of americans who make a whole lot of dough but--according to occupiers--don't pay their fair share of taxes. there will be many new millionaires created by facebook's offering, people who either work for the company or were early investors.

mark zuckerberg, the c.e.o. and inventor of facebook, owns 533.8 million shares and stands to be worth $28.3 billion if the valuation of the company at $100 billion is correct.

the winklevoss twins were mark's classmates at harvard and they had some ideas they shared with him that could be considered the facebook concept. uh, that's about as much as my lawyer said i could say. go rent the movie "the social network" or "mean girls" if you want to get a better idea of the whole story. really, either movie would work.

i like the fact that zuckerberg is going to be a billionaire, especially because i know he’ll pay his “fair share” of taxes but because he’s created a product that helps me keep in touch with my friend.  but i know we have to be careful, because it’s important to log out every once in a while and have real interactions with our friends — logging out is the toughest click!

mark zuckerberg needs a fly haircut and some new clothes but i guess with his money he'll be able to do all that.

mark zuckerberg has said something that i’ve always hoped is true for him:  “we don’t build services to make money, we make money to build better service.”

so i have to ask you–

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