travel tips from an agoraphobic

last year, i made a resolution to visit my facebook friends.  i managed two hundred and ninety two visits, circumnavigating the globe with my son joseph, learned about my friends and their lives outside of the facebook page.  i picked up a few travel tips along the way. . . as i head back out onto the road!

8 responses to “travel tips from an agoraphobic

  • marty

    Arlynn the

  • monicanamaste

    I’m happy have you as a friend you just show me what are to be free ! and DO it in stead of thinking to try !

    I do wish to meet you and talk more with you !
    Like friends

  • fani90

    It’s wonderful to see and know that there are people who can face life, I start to feel fulfilled and happy for all his courage I confess I do not know what I feel brings my computer, but I swear if I could I would do the same, unfortunately, I do not have condiçoens / / I have many friends and I’m dying to see them, but I can never afford it, you should take the opportunity that life is giving you able to visit them it is wonderful friend there continues to enjoy the life you deserve, I also have 51 years, you are in the prime of life, still has plenty of firewood, I’m already a grandmother of two beautiful grandchildren that are my life, and you still friends is beautiful and wonderful that you enjoy the journey and also a way for me to read your story I felt happy, as to the blog is a great tool to make their publications, congratulations friend

  • miraclemom3x

    I just read your blog…omg how great it is…you my friend are an angel that walks among us. I wish I would have known you when you came to Detroit, Since I live in Monroe Mich, south west of Detroit. You could have stopped in for a visit. Maybe next time…Many Blessings my friend and please be safe.
    I will continue to read your blog. I look fwd to it.
    “Miracle Mom”

  • tim manning

    Wow! I think this is the first blog i’ve read and listened to every thing on here. “At least whats on this front page” I can’t imagine what it must be like to have those symptons, I can only relate to it when I meet people and feel an anxiety very similiar to wanting to get out of there as quick as possible, but I’m sure thats a lot different. Anyway your blog has moved me in ways I’m not sure how to explain here. “Kudos”

  • thanya

    hello, I´m girl from gran canary island ( Spain ), I went agoraphic during for 21 year, I have I have attack panic every day and I cant stay in my house and the other side only in company the other family person, I exceed it completely of agoraphobia, only the peson who happens know how dreadful it is, reaches the of agoraphobia, did not come out to nothing.It has to be a balanced treatment therapy and family support. I went to an association that we have here in agoraphobia where they explained everything out of it. If I can help you in whatever way you need questions and thing you want to know you can count on me.
    I encourage to light at the end of the tunnel

  • thanya

    My facebook is thanya Ojeda Hernandez


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