my drinking is under control, it’s the technology. . .

a facebook friend sent me an article warning that facebook (and twitter and all the other ways we communicate) are more addictive than tobacco and alcohol.  i absolutely concur.

this morning i am on the road to see f2fb friend #298.  i’m not sure exactly what she looks like because she plays with her profile pictures a lot.  so do a lot of people.  last i saw, she looked like this:

i'm figuring lionel richie isn't actually my facebook friend under the name colleen, but i could be wrong. . . i'll definitely make him sing "all night long" to me in bill's toasties diner where we're supposed to meet!

this morning i discovered that something i’m highly addicted to is dead.  namely, the battery on my cell phone.  i overcharged it.  i don’t have a phone.  i don’t know colleen’s number because it’s stored in my phone.  i can’t take a picture when i see her because my camera is in my phone and my next stop and my next stop after that . . . ?  in my phone. my relationship with my two sons who live far away? in my phone (well, not exactly, but you know what i mean)

before cell phones there were phone booths where clark kent would change into his superman togs and teenagers would breathe heavily into mouthpieces. today, abandoned phone booths are used by old men who duck into them in order to fart. it is an acknowledged wisdom born of age which says a man, unlike a child, should never run away from his farts.

one of the things i’ve learned this past year and almost two months–flexibility.  i’m going to need a lot of that today. . . .  and a verizon wireless store!

so i gotta ask you:

One response to “my drinking is under control, it’s the technology. . .

  • Jill Wiggins

    This looks like it would be a fascinating blog and I’d love to read it if you would use upper and lower case. I couldn’t get through the first paragraph–after the first “i” I quit. It is just unreadable to me–it hurts my eyes and my brain to decipher that small print with no caps.

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