12 responses to “a year of wonders thanks to mr. zuckerberg, or should i say Big Z?

  • frankharrisnovels

    I think you have a need to explore the world and facebook gives you that vehice. Good luck and keep on keeping on.

  • Ilham

    i love the mighty chair. lol.

  • darrellcreswell

    I enjoy reading the posts of your FB friend journeys…Thanks Darrell

  • ruminationville

    I am new to your blog and very much admire your courage. I pay tribute to you in a recent post on my blog (“Interphobia” http://ruminationville.wordpress.com). Perhaps you’ll want to see it. All best, Leslie

  • Heather Morris

    I just found your blog, and was wondering. How do you get in touch with an agoraphobia support group? I have gotten to the point that I cannot leave my house without a lot of freaking out and much mental coaxing. Maybe reading your blog and talking to other people like me could help me get out more.

  • Currie Rose

    I think what you are doing is amazing. I believe that we all want to feel connected to one another in this world and know that there is something binding us all together in this human family….. Kudos to you for doing such an inspiring thing!

  • kaiamorrigan

    You bring inspiration,courage, grace and hope to so many. Without socia media and blogs, the extent of not only your struggles but your triumphs. I am grateful to live in an age when we can “friend” those around the world, share stories & , maybe, use this as a path to more peace & understanding.
    Thank you, ArLynn, for being part of this way of sharing with the world.

  • Pink Ninjabi

    Your voice speaks clearly and concisely with a note of shyness in your articulation which makes your posts that much more captivating to read with the non-capitalization and (what I presume) to be less emphasis on yourself so much as the experiences that unfold around you.

    I am inspired by your courage which is bravery despite fears, and whatever we want to label it as, I believe in your abilities to surmount past your obstacles to reach the goals you have set before you.

    An absolutely amazing blog to read, and incredible story of the journey we must take to find ourselves at the end of it.

    Thank you for sharing. I’m warmed by your kindness to yourself, and to reach out to others.

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