facebook, google, can they coexist?

i’m so sorry, mark, there is a possibility that facebook will fail.  that would be awful for me, because then i would have no social life since i made a new years resolution to meet all my facebook friends in 2011. i succeeded at my resolution–way better than those resolutions to lose five pounds and give up white wine–but i also gained new friends.  i really like facebook.

mark made this possible. however, i am not stalking him. so no temporary restraining orders please! however, i think he has to watch out for google. specifically google chrome. . . it's pretty, it's catchy, and it isn't mark's friend.


google chrome didn’t exist three years ago.  now, it’s threatening to topple internet explorer as the dominant browser.  why should facebook worry?  or rather, why should mark worry?  well, the problem is that google doesn’t want to be a mere browser tool.

i'd like to be a browser tool but maybe i'm too old. after all, fifty one is rather ancient.


google has ambitious plans with google plus, the company’s “spine”, and uh oh, maybe it can topple the facebook empire.  mostly because google has so many interesting products–google, gmail, android, google search and my favorite google translator which is how i communicate with my peeps.  since i can barely speak a word of english much less any other language.  and if google browser is the gateway drug of our internet we’re going to have to take a few extra steps to get to facebook.  google chrome is now 30.9% of the browser market and they want you to use google plus.  omg, mr. dreamy, remember that dude?

wait, does this mean that fortunes can be won, lost, and won again in this business?


in any event, my use of facebook is quite simple.  i connect, reconnect, re-reconnect with friends and family and i have made it my mission to meet these friends in person.  like, actually where we are both there.  without a computer.  without a laptop.  even an ipad.  it’s really weird.  and it’s changed me.



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