it’s de-lightful! it’s delicious! it’s de-lovely!

although it wasn't part of the original 1934 production of anything goes, and wasn't added to the show until the 1962 revival, the song "it's de-lovely" best expresses the delightful, delicious, yes, de-lovely feeling of being in love. i've been singing that song all week but not about love. i've been singing it about friendship!


f2fb friend #315 tony tyner is the sort of big strong bear of a man who makes a woman feel petite, pretty and protected.  but of course, i didn’t need protection–we were in the quaint little town of geneva, illinois.  tony endured me trying on hats in a girlie shop and we steered very far away from the candy shop because i’m trying to lose ten pounds by the twenty eighth so that i will believe i look good for the party for my facebook friends!

it was DE-LIGHTFUL to meet tony! turns out we have a lot in common in our childhoods. . . . tony is a single dad raising three children. i admire how he's endured tough times and come out with a cheerful countenance!


after i left geneva, i went straight to the round table books at 572 lincoln avenue.  that’s where the party is–the party YOU’RE INVITED TO!!!!  the party is on the 28th from five to eight in the evening.  and it is a party where we will unveil the first three chapters of the book face 2 facebook.  it’s in an exciting ibook format that allows for embedded videos and photo galleries and smell-o-matic sensors so that you can smell the angel perfume, the breakfast bacon, the cows out in the meadows.  i’m lying about only one of the ibook features.

when i stopped by the shop, owner arthur frank who is generously hosting the event told me that a package had arrived for me.  we opened it and discovered two children’s books.  for the party, i’ve asked guests to bring one new or gently used children’s book to donate to reach out & read illinois, a foundation that tries to put books in the hands of needy children.

howard lovely, jr., who has a blog on wordpress — — wrote that he would not be able to attend the party but that he wanted to send something anyway.

the two books, both by wayne dyer, express a positive message for children. okay, i'm going to say it -- howard lovely, YOU'RE DE-LOVELY!


i am working hard to finish the three chapters with genius o.j. dorson.  if you come to the party with YOUR blog and book ideas, take him aside and see if he can work with you.  and as soon as the party’s over. . .

i don't know why i'm all panicky about my weight but after the party it'll be anything goes and this cupcake is going to be . . . DE-LICIOUS!!!!


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