cheating at the after party!

the facebook party at the book store was a great deal of fun!  and i let everybody get a sneak peek at the new ibook — face 2 facebook.  but for a week and a half before, i had been a serious atkins dieter.  it’s a no carb diet and i had to give up cupcakes and beer–my two favorite food groups.  i wanted to fit into the perfect dress and i did — although i did not actually breathe during the party.  and the after party. . . .

the book about my facebook adventure is an ibook that you can read either on your mac or on your ipad.  my tech dude o.j. dorson is also creating this in a format that you can read with your kindle or whatever.  but here’s the really interesting technological twist:

o.j. and i are also going to make a book that comes in a format in which individual screens (also called "pages") are made out of wood pulp (also known as "paper")


in this format, a qrl code would be embedded in some pages so that using your smartphone you could upload videos and pictures and whatnot onto your phone to enhance your reading experience.

if you’re a blogger and want to take your blog and create a book, or a writer who’s just about done with that first novel, i’d be happy to tell you more.  but first. . . . i gotta find another cupcake (BURP!)


10 responses to “cheating at the after party!

  • Bojca Januš

    Hahaha, what a great video! Bon appetit, dear Arlynn! Thank you for making me laugh 🙂

  • Peebs Kral

    You deserve that cuppiecake. And you looked fantastic in your dress!!!

  • jhanewich

    I loved it! I am very glad you were able to finally have your cupcake and eat it too!
    I will have to wait for “paper” version of your book…as I do not have any of the “i” technology and am currently without a phone. Hopefully by the time the book reaches “paper” I will have a phone. I am so happy and excited for you and your book, Yay!!!

  • howardlovelyjr

    Arlynn,….that was too funny…!!!!

    After listening to you talk and watching as you started hesitating with the fork,…..I was just thinking to myself ,…”oh go ahead and grab it and eat it all ready”,…and just at that instant,….you shuved your face into the cupcake to my suprise…!!!!
    I cracked-up laughing,……..Ha!…Ha!…Ha! 🙂

    You’re so silly Arlynn….!!!
    I like it….!!! 🙂

    Where is the photo of you wearing the dress…???

    Howard Lovely, Jr.

  • Harold

    Great video! I think I’m in love! 😉
    Sorry I couldn’t be there, wanted to, planned on it, but had a family situation come up Friday and Saturday that I had to be there for and that is/was serious, that then carried over into today, and I am always there for family or friends in need. Now I’m worn out and down physically and mentally.

  • Julia Kovach

    Congratulations on the success of your party, Arlynn! (I couldn’t watch the video, but it sounds amusing!) I wish you all the best! May love, luck, and happiness be yours! xoxo

  • thelostkerryman

    Was that chocolate? Too bad you’re so far away….

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