maybe i can get sex out of this deal????

so the house is sold. i’m moving on.  moving forward to meet new facebook friends (in fact, i have two chaperones for the new brazil trip!)

but i’ve been receiving odd messages from the craigslist ad for my house sale.  please advise:


Hey, is your item still available? I don’t normally do this but you seemed sizzling in your listing and I’m drawn to you. I live nearby and up for anything. My only concern is that you might be a bot as CL is full of them. So if you’re indeed real, can we chat on my profile page? It’s the safest way and very discreet. I’ll message you as soon as I see you sign in! 😉

Only you’ll be able to view my photos and phone # on there so if you like what you see, get hold of me. People say I’m very good looking but you can be the judge. 😉 I apologize to annoy you…life is too short so I had to give this a shot. I think you’ll be surprised.


Im fascinated about you and your ad. I’d like to ask more and was pondering if you could call/text me with your address? Please give me your cell phone # on my confidential page, you have to sign up first but all good there’s zero cost. This way I am securing my private information, I have money right next to me. I just need to ask you something over the phone and confirm this is not a scam. Thanks!

wow! does this count as someone interested in the garage sale in which i divest my entire life so i can resume meeting my facebook friends?

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