pets, businesses, duplicates, spambots, fakes. . . sure, but they’re my friends!

facebook has announced that 83 million–or nearly 9%–of its account holders are “illegitimate”.  this figure includes duplicate profiles, profiles that are of pets or businesses, fakes and spambots.  facebook’s only asset is information about its users which it can sell to advertisers.  this admission of a ten percent “spoilage” is particularly bad at a time when facebook is shaping up to be the single worst i.p.o. of all time.  on the first day of public trading, prices in facebook shares were set at $38 and now are under $20. in the next few weeks, insiders at facebook are allowed to sell some of their shares and, if they do, the share price will fall even further.  and who’s hurting?  the state of california had been planning on tax revenues of $1.4 to $1.9 billion dollars based on a $35 dollar per share average.

of course, my sweetheart mark zuckerberg is hurting too! he’s no longer one of the top ten tech billionaires in the world. instead, he has seen his fortune fall from $1.9 billion to a measly $1.2 billion! i still think if we ever meet, he should pick up the check!

when i made a resolution to visit, spend time with, get to know “face to face” my facebook friends, i discovered i had quite a few of these sorts of friends.  for instance, the explorer william clark, born in 1770 and deceased since 1838, is the 59th friend i visited last year. okay, i am not really friends with him–i’m friends with lanny jones, who wrote his biography “william clark and the shaping of the west”. i’m also friends with a cat, several dogs, and several “people” whose only interest in our relationship is that they have received free hewlett packard printers or androids and russian mail order brides and i can too!

when i went to new york last year, i was hoping to meet inda loop, a rap musician with whom i was facebook friends.  i didn’t know how i knew her except that our mutual facebook friend was richard “mop” furniss.  i asked him —

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