there’s no place like the marriott and my car. . . .

grace is the granddaughter of my ex-husband. are we nonetheless related? and what should she call me? i’m settling on aunt arlynn but i’m open to suggestions.

i left louisville and aimed north for bloomington indiana where i would spend time with two of my favorite facebook friends.  elisabeth is my former stepdaughter but now i think of her as friend.  she suggested i stay at her house but i worried that i might be imposing.  as i lay my head down on the pillow, i knew i was in the right place.  hotel rooms and cars are not quite as comfortable as a single place you call home.  i talked about traveling with facebook friend andrew pearce the next morning.

i was given a great gift through facebook today.  friends stepped in to move things out of my car and into an apartment.   it’s small, it’s over an abandoned warehouse, it makes me think a little bit about the movie flashdance, but i’m so happy and from here i will sally forth to meet new friends.  it’s good to have a place that i can say “home”. . . . although it’s been great.  thank you, marriott.  thank you, minicoop!

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