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face to facebook kicks my butt!

facebook friend number four winston chang was a freshman at west point in september of 2001.  when disaster struck, the campus was locked down and the stakes were suddenly very high–every student understood that they were being trained for a war.  winston ended up leaving the army after graduation and he is now building a career as a rap musician.  i met him when he performed in a play i wrote.*

all women, it is presumed, lie about their age and their weight.  here are the incontrovertible facts:  i’m fifty years old and yesterday morning i weighed 136.8 pounds.  i want to be staggeringly beautiful and strong enough to fend off age.

the workout winston devised relied on three elements:  lower body strength, upper body strength, and neural strength.  all of it in eight sets of three reps.  i was surprised that it was only a half hour, expecting to have to be locked into the gym for two hours.  it was followed by sprints in the parking lot.

winston has an alter ego mc kato and i will “meet” him on february first.  i have at least one other friend–steve quick slash stu fast–who has an alternate identity. i wonder how many people do that.

click on the word workout to see how winston devised a workout based on the master fitness class of west point!

*to see more about the play winston was in, go to http://perfectlylegalproductions.com

my first trip starts next friday!  i will meet my stepdaughter, my best friend from high school, a couple from kankakee, a bartender i’ve only met once, and my son joseph’s very good friend chris redmond!