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the sweetest smelling homeless person in america. . . .

.  . . that would be me!

today, i sold my house.  or rather, my ex-husband and i accepted an offer on the house we own together, the one i live in, the one we raised our sons in.  about a month from now, a new family will move into the house.  it’s a great house for raising a family, for giving parties, for building a life!

every year, stephen and i gave a boxing day party. december 26th, hosting as many as a hundred people. here i am at one of those parties!


selling a house is a little freaky.  my ex and i were alternately happy and terrified.  and the next month will be awfully busy for me as i try to figure out where every piece of furniture, book, clothes and dishes are to go. . . and then of course, there’s me.

on december 31, 2010 i made a new years resolution to meet all 325 of my facebook friends by the end of 2011.  i managed 292, exactly 90%. . . . thirteen countries, fifty flights, almost every state in the union.  and now that my “safe” place, my home, is going to be sold, i realize that i am untethered.

it’s alternately scary and exciting.

after we sorted out the details, my ex and i were wrung out. this is a house with so many memories. i don't know--will the smell of angel perfume ever really get out of the house? maybe it will linger. i got angel body lotion after the negotiations were over, sort of an impulse purchase or maybe just a nervous breakdown. i might not have a home, but i will smell fabulous!