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leann rimes, twitter addiction, and my facebook friend marty gerendasy

i’m totally in depression and denial!  leann rimes–the country singer, actress and homewrecker–is in rehab.  quel horreur!  quel surprise!

leann and husband eddie cibrian in happier times. both left their spouses for each other. leann tweets pictures of her bikini clad self, tweets about eddie, tweets more pictures of her bikini clad self, tweets about eddie’s children from his marriage to brandi granville, tweets more of those pictures, and gets into tweet fights with individuals in her fan club. two of those tweet fights were with supporters of eddie’s first wife and they were recorded without leann’s knowledge.  argh, what a mess.  if you tweet a lot does that make you a twit?


the reason for her rehab stint?  the publicist’s word is “exhaustion, anxiety and stress” which is, well, what do you think it stands for?

husband eddie has been begging leann to give up twitter.  he is particularly appalled that she allows her twitter life to intersect with her real one–meeting people who follow her on twitter.  she is addicted.  i’m not sure if i am quite so addicted but i do understand and sympathize with her.

still, facebook friend #328 (the 328th facebook friend i’ve met since making my new year’s resolution in january 2011) marty gerendasy makes a habit of seeking out people he wants to meet.  whether through facebook, the newspaper, the internet–he looks for what is interesting.  and i hadn’t realized how long we had been friends.

i wish leann all health and a supportive marriage, friendship and a great career.  and maybe it’s time to put aside the twittering.  but i hope leann doesn’t lose the curiosity about the world and her ability to interact with it.  as for losing her husband. . .

eddie was in the blink and you’ve missed it series “the playboy club” — since i’m not going to post pictures of leann in a bikini, you’ll just have to be titillated by this picture of eddie and his costar laura benanti.