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we’re going to party like it’s 4710!!!!

today is another happy new year!  chinese new year is based on the lunar calendar and this year, year 4710, the first day of the chinese new year will be monday. but saturday is a good day to start celebrating with a traditional chinese new year’s eve family reunion dinner and to think about the coming year.  this year, for you i want good friendship–

the chinese symbol for friendship is two right hands facing each other. you will have a lot of people wish you long life, prosperity and health. don't get me wrong. i want those things for you too. but i especially appreciate and want your friendship!


legend has it that buddha invited twelve animals to dinner on the chinese new year’s eve.  he named a year for each one of the animals that showed up.  this coming year is the year of the dragon.  people born in the year of the dragon are supposed to be innovative, brave and passionate.  salvador dali was born in the year of the dragon.  so was john lennon.  i was born in the year of the rat which seems decidedly less glamorous.

if you’ve made a new year’s resolution — let’s say to lose five pounds or to visit every one of your facebook friends or whatever — you might have made that resolution on january one and now you might be feeling like you’re having a little trouble following through.  this is your chance to start again.  i have only a few words of advice:

aim high — if you aren’t scared of your new year’s resolution and your ability to do it, you’ve sold yourself short.  you should be scared of your resolution.

announce your resolution — to your friends, your family, to facebook, get the word out there so that you can have others hold you accountable the way you want to hold yourself accountable.

celebrate the small victories along the way and ask your friends to help you with making those small victories–if you don’t ask, you’re telling them you don’t need them.  

but i forgot that i have one other wish for you this year–

making any kind of change in your life requires courage. it takes courage to say that you need to and even more to follow through. i think courage is a good thing to put together with friendship.

this coming week, i will be visiting a young mom in coldwater michigan who will teach me about courage and friendship!

the new year begins january 2 this year!

i had technical and logistics issues this last weekend of 2011.  a friend who had to cancel while i was in transit.  a hotel with internet service delivered by a recalcitrant donkey.  photos that wouldn’t upload.  or is it download?  i can never tell the difference. 

yet, i have gotten my asian F, finishing at 292 friends met during 2011 out of 325 friends i had as of january 1, 2011.  f2fb friend #291 was john adorjan who i hesitated to call because of his number — 867 5309.  i thought it was a prank when i saw it on his “info” page.

867-5309/jenny was a song on the tommy tutone 2 album released in 1982. its popularity caused many people to call the number and ask for “jenny”
john gets people calling him all the time asking for jenny.  think of all the area codes in the country–there are a lot of folks with that problem. 
john and i met because of mutual friends.  he likes to play with his facebook profile and we agreed that what people present themselves as on facebook very often isn’t what is real.  john is a photographer and he’s developing a business creating profile portraiture that would express the real essence of a person.  we had a photoshoot and the results will be posted on my facebook page soon. 
and then i welcomed in the new year. . . .
but, wait, you’re saying to yourself what about f2fb friend #292?  well, frank skony works in banking and december 31 represented the end of the quarter and the end of the year.  reports, reports, long hours, lunches delivered by management to one’s desk so that nobody would slip away for an hour. 

chinese new year for 2012 year of the dragon is monday january 23. frank skony's new year is january 2..

frank is someone who has transformed his life and he’s using 2012 to do it again.  he is a perfect facebook friend to conclude the year with.  we will talk about my new years resolution for 2012 and give thanks to mark zuckerberg for creating the facebook that let’s us keep in touch so well. 
i began the year with f2fb friend #1 eastman, my son, representing love and frank will represent growth.  2012 will be a very good year for you and me both.  let’s do it together!