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the star, the sun, the enquirer. . .

i admit to many addictions:  white wine, chocolate, fettucine alfredo, the office, 30 rock, vitamin water zero, angel perfume.  and my friday morning addiction:  the star, the sun, and the national enquirer.  the grand grocery store in winnetka even knows to set aside one each because i’ll be there by seven in the morning.  then i hustle over to the community house to while away an hour on the stairmill.

the national enquirer was founded in 1926 and has a circulation of approximately 650,000 readers. this is not this week's cover.

i got a double dose of pleasure on friday morning.  don gentile, a reporter based at the enquirer’s florida headquarters, has been following my facebook adventures and he put together a story about it.  when it came out this week i had twin feelings:  excitement and a great notion to hide.  so i did both.  stairmill first, then a pajama day.  sometimes the very thing you want is the very thing that is so scary.  sometimes i have to remember to keep the emotions of excitement and fear separated.  and i also have to remember that every day that i hide in the house makes it harder to leave the next day. . . .




don gentile writes human interest stories. he doesn't usually dig for dirt, which means he knows nothing about that sex tape with reg bush, the time i told kim her butt was too big or all that red bull i gave to demi. shhhh! this is just between you and me!


everything i have done in the past fifteen months has been possible because of my facebook friends.  every time a facebook friend posts encouragement on my wall, hits the like button or pokes me, i feel it.  and i have been so grateful to the facebook friends who have met with me, taught me things, showed me their spiritual side, talked to me about what really matters to them–i have been blessed.