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imitation and yes i’m flattered

imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the english cleric and writer charles caleb colton opined in his 1822 book “lacon or many things in few words addressed to those who think”…  and i think i’m really flattered.   in 2011, i endeavored to make good on a new year’s resolution to meet all my facebook friends.  there were 325 friends and sometimes, as is the case for so many, i would look at my facebook home page and some status update and i’d think “who is this person, why am i friends with them, and why should i like their link to a lmao video?”

i sallied forth and spent a year getting face time with every friend.  i traveled around the world because some of my friends have the misfortune to not live in my dear sweet hometown of winnetka.  i learned a lot of new skills–you should definitely invite me over if you have a champagne bottle you want opened with a saber sword or if you want boxing lessons.

ty morin has made a resolution quite similar to mine, hoping to meet nearly 800 of his facebook friends.

he is hoping to complete this project in three or four years.  he began his quest with a kickstarter grant campaign to raise travel and production money.  he’s even got a title for the documentary he will make about the project–friend request accepted.  he’s getting a lot of press and he intends to make this project speak to our interactions with social media.  he’s visited with 20 of his friends so far and figures the project will take him three or four years.

yo, marky z, you've brought together a lot of people with  facebook!

yo, marky z, you’ve brought together a lot of people with facebook!

i wish him every luck and want him to know that charles caleb colton is absolutely right:  i’m flattered!