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girls! girls! girls! a brooklyn-ish strip club!

i returned from staten island to brooklyn, where my son joseph lives.  i went to a hardware store and got him some new stuff.  i took him to dinner.  we said goodnight and goodbye.  and then i had a surprise.

for some people, hopping on a plane, train or pulling the automobile out of the garage is a casual thing.  for f2fb friend #57 vince peters, it’s just like that.  he’s a rapper, a music executive, a west point graduate, a government contractor.  i met him when i directed the video for his hit single “girls in da club”. . .

one of the things about this project is not just to meet a facebook friend once and be done with them–it’s to get to know my friends a little better.  vince strolled into the hotel le jolie lobby about a quarter to eleven.  an hour i would ordinarily be found in my pajamas with a bit of drool coming off my lips and a very ladylike snore. . .

i said one drink.  just one drink.  there was a bar next door called joy cocktails.  trendy.  impossibly trendy in that brooklyn we’re too cool to be trendy kind of trendy.  the guys wore super tight jeans and carharrt’s boots, flannel shirts, disheveled hair.  the girls?  both vince and my son joseph pointed out to me that from behind, a brooklyn matron of sixty and a hottie of twenty six are indistinguishable.  black leggings.  flats.  polka dot sundress.  shapeless cardigan.

true enough.

but after a few tequila shots sent over to the trio giggling and ogling vince p., conditions changed.  sweaters came off (not mine!) so that all that was left was a shimmering sea of polka dots.  and there was some lolling on the pool table (again, not me!) until the bouncer had to come over and say “please get off the table”.  then the girls did a great shimmy where they threw their hair in front of their faces, jumped up and down and gave the bouncer the middle finger.  it was quite a show.  then i looked at my watch and realized there was a reason there was light coming in from the windows. . . i left him on the sidewalk.

i haven’t done something that irresponsible in some ages.  it was fun.  i don’t know what vince p. did next–but if there’s some girls in brooklyn who are happy because of my facebook project so be it!

the hbo series girls tracks some twentysomethings living in the greenpointe neighborhood of brooklyn. they have a lot of bad sex on the show. i hope that life does not imitate art and vice versa.


then i jumped in a cab and headed for jfk airport and home!  i got to see the shuttle parked at jfk!  astronauts are allowed to shop at the duty free shop only if they have a ticket for a nonstop flight to mars!

at jfk airport, i got to see the space shuttle which is temporarily docking here in new york.  astronauts may purchase items at the duty free shop only if they can produce a ticket that shows a nonstop flight to another planet.