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throwing everything out onto the curb is what you have to do in the second half of your life!

this weekend has been incredibly terrifying and exhilerating.  i am writing from the last remaining piece of furniture and laptop in my house.  twenty three rooms have been disassembled.  my neighbor mr. radnor took my lawn furniture without warning me.  i followed him across the driveway and attempted to repossess it.  i’ve had shoplifters.  i cried when a woman purchased a hat my son joseph had given me and i nearly followed her down the street to buy it back from her.  i got a thank you note from a woman whose daughter i gifted with a suitcase and a talk about how if you want to grow up to be an adventurer, you have to have good luggage.

and i’ve had a crew of facebook friends–paulibus schumann, dan kingery, john dawnson and others–as well as my son eastman.  a nonfacebook friend drove three hours just to move book shelves.

however, minor problem.  we won’t be closing on tuesday as expected because the buyers have been unable to get approval for their mortgage.  i had a heartfelt call from the buyer who is a new mom and is quite panicked about not having a place to stay on tuesday.  so i’ll be moving out.   i’m just a little anxious about where i’ll be.

last year, i was on the road nearly every week visiting facebook friends around the world. i will be at a hotel on tuesday night and the first thing i’ll do is call room service, turn on the television, and be grateful for the experience!

it’s nearly time to close up the doors, tell the last shoppers to go home, and to take the remains and throw them out on the curb.  the minicoop is packed and i’m ready, really ready, for whatever’s next as i am just a few weeks away from the magic birthday of 52!

i intend to die when i’m one hundred and four years old. my much younger lover will be devastated!!