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when are you too old for it?

i have definitely past the age at which i can reasonably expect a career as a figure skater.  and probably super model is out.  i am unlikely to have to fend off the advances of people magazine’s sexiest man of the year.  and i am unlikely to be named as prime minister of any country, however small or however misguided.

but when am i too old for IT?  i’m not talking the lower case it.  i figure some form of it is possible right up until the day before i ask my sons to give me phenobarbital and put a ziplock bag over my head (make sure to use a twist tie to form a seal!)

no, on that day before i head for the great hereafter, i just might have to pay for it.  and that’s what i told jon when he said that he hadn’t given up.  he feels too young to give up.

“so pay for it,”  i said.

“you always pay for it.”

and then he sighed.

“it’s not it that i’m looking for.  it’s IT.”

“oh, i got you.  that stuff.”

and then we both sighed.  IT.  the breathtaking moment when another person is the most important, fascinating, charming, gracious person and they think the same about you.  oh, man, are we ever too old for that?

jon grand, f2fb #105, isn’t and neither am i.

but i don’t just want IT.  i also want to be chic like a proper french gal.  and i WOULD like to try my hand at the international figure skating championships.  or at least wear a costume for it.

so jon ordered me ines de la fressange’s new book “parisian chic.”

it should arrive at the book stall right around the time i’m in cincinnati or morgantown or philly or washington.  i post a schedule tomorrow.  if you’re a “new” facebook friend i want to see you even while i’m making sure to see all of my cherished new years eve facebook friends!

so . . . being parisian chic is something i will do after i get back on mother’s day weekend.