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facebook beijos!


the buyers of my home haven’t received their mortgage approval. therefore, we can’t close on the house. but they had closed on the sale of their condo. they had no place to live unless i agreed to let them move into the house and rent from me until they are approved. they have a really cute baby and two dachshunds. if i find out they rented the trio in order to persuade me i will be quite miffed.

instead of aiming east or south, i returned to winnetka to sign some papers related to the house and to visit the brazilian consulate.  they have my passport.  they have my visa application.  they also have a jacket i was wearing when i visited the first time and i forgot to take it with me because it’s a hundred degrees outside and the midwest thinks it’s a tropical paradise.

i leave for brazil on the eleventh of july and will have two chaperones.  it’s important to set up safeguards when you’re meeting an online friend for the first time.  i never meet a new friend in their home.  i never invite a new friend to mine — well, i guess the car is sort of different!  and i often bring a chaperone. 

the two chaperones are vincent peters and reggie gholston.  vince and reggie were classmates at west point.  vince is now a government contractor.  reggie is in active service and is being deployed later this summer to afghanistan.  he has served twice in iraq.  watch out brazil–these two are quite handsome!

and as my facebook friends from brazil say, beijos!  (kisses!)