okay, mike castagna, i promise!

mike castagna, facebook friend #3, has devised an ingenius map which is just the sort that indiana jones would carry in his back pocket.  it has thumb tacks and every thumb tack represents a facebook friend.  fortunately, the thumb tacks are imaginary.

and now i have  a problem that is the opposite of defriending–i’ve sworn a blood oath to mike that i won’t add on any new facebook friends, except of course for steve gondorcin my ups guy because he sends all the care packages to reggie, joseph and eastman.  and of course lorraine hara yolles who has been so sweet to invite me to her home for parties.  in winnetka, most people don’t invite single, divorced or widowed women into their homes.  it’s considered bad luck.  so if lorraine and steve are so nice to me, how can i not say yes when they want to be my friend?

my two best friends of my life are not on facebook and, in fact, are dead.  dick and vivian eastman were in their mid sixties when they met the teenager me.  they shared their family with me, which is the greatest gift of friendship.  they both passed within the last several years and i still miss them.

when the grant family says that paige can travel with me on some of my face to facebook trips, they are sharing their most important treasure.  and i’m very grateful.   if anybody else wants to travel with me on any of the legs of the journey, the sign up sheets are posted now. . . .

One response to “okay, mike castagna, i promise!

  • arlynnpresser

    and an update from facebook friend chris castino who spoke so movingly about selective mutism. here’s what she has to say:

    Hi, Arlynn. I know you gave me your email address but it’s out in my car and I found a few minutes to hunt down the websites for you. Thought I’d tie up loose ends while I had a minute. My mentor, Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum, runs the Selective Mutism Center in the Philadelphia area. Their address is http://www.selectivemutismcenter.org. The Selective Mutism Group, which conducts seminars and webinars, is at http://www.selectivemutism.org. Thanks for getting the word out. It’d be wonderful if even one family can be spared long-term trauma because of SM as a result of your involvement.
    It was wonderful meeting with you. I hope you’re continuing to enjoy your marvelous adventure, and look forward to seeing you again someday…. Chris

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