connie yonan, f2fb#17, saving the world one hundred butterflies at a time!

the day connie yonan decides to become a hostess for qvc, i want to be her agent.  because fifteeen percent of connie yonan’s enthusiasm is quite enough to keep me in pretty dresses and champagn.

part of her charm is that she has found something she is completely passionate about.  watch her talk about it herself:

the passion she brings to raising butterflies translates into every aspect of what she does:  she’s on a fundraising board of the winnetka community house with me and every time she discusses a new project, her eyes light up, her voice rises just a bit, the smiles are quick and bright.  i have known connie for nearly ten years and i’m not sure i’ve ever seen her feeling down. . . . i want to learn her secret, but i don’t think i want to raise butterflies.

4 responses to “connie yonan, f2fb#17, saving the world one hundred butterflies at a time!

  • Jeanne

    Thank you for sharing Connie’s passion. Talk about local treasures! I remember when my kids went to Greeley, they participated in a butterfly parade where they proudly sported their hand-made Monarch wings. Now, every time I see a Monarch flittering among my cone flowers, I will definitely think that Grandma Connie nurtured it along the way.

  • arlynnpresser

    she does such an amazing job!!! and then she does all this volunteer work in the community as well!

  • derrellyn yates

    Arlynn, Does Connie have anything written to describe her individual Monarch hatcheries? I used to buy milkweed, and once the plant was egg-and-caterpillar infested, I’d bring the raggedy thing into the house with less than optimum results (i.e. escaped caterpillars becoming cat toys , climbing up the walls, and making cocoons in doorways, on window casings and under tables, etc).

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