the days ahead on f2fb!

am starting to think about the eastern seaboard adventure for f2fb! i have to send out missives to friends lon kieffer, rita bowman, bob garrity, gail marlow, todd stiles, laura resnick, gwen patton, jeff barnes, vince p., and ken kaissar that i’ll be showing up between april 26 and may 4! also, have booked a flight into raleigh for the weekend of april 15 to see facebook friends julie, susan and mike.

but a question: there are plenty of friends i have who are new friends–made since january 1. if i made arrangements to meet them if they are in the same city, would it work? if you’re a facebook friend, particularly a new one, give me a heads up!

2 responses to “the days ahead on f2fb!

  • Me-n-Jesus

    Totally persona; opinion here. Since you’ve increased over 1300 new friends since project start it will be very difficult to include new friends. That said, it would be cool to meet some new friends also, but original friends would need priority, not just on meeting, but on time as well. Don’t cut anyone short.

  • arlynn

    TOTALLY ON THAT, BONNIE! but i am wondering if i gave friends advance notice of what towns i was going to be in, maybe i could meet with some new friends as well as the originally intended. hey, i’m going to see gwen patton! you would remember her as gavin! isn’t that cool??

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