i get back up on the saddle and ride. . .

i have had to take a few days away from this new year’s resolution to meet every one of my facebook friends.*  i returned from philadelphia a little bruised and fragile.  i hid in the third floor bedroom, watched a lot of hulu.com, ate really bad pasta (i’m an impatient cook and so my spaghetti is quite al dente).

i figured the rest of the world could get along just fine without me.

and not to say that it can’t.

around two a.m. this morning i awoke to a piercing pain just under my sternum.  i sat up for hours, drifting between nightmare and consciousness.  when it was light, i did a little diagnostic work–a half hour on the stairmaster and eight minutes of hard rowing didn’t cause me to collapse.  so it is dimly possible i didn’t have heart trouble.   but i think i hit some sort of bottom.

which is exactly the time when a gal should see terry dason.  terry is the executive director of the winnetka-northfield chamber of commerce which is a lot of words to express that she is the greatest cheerleader for the two villages.

and she is also able to be my cheerleader.  she taught me something about judging people but also about maybe not judging myself so harshly.  i don’t need to sentence myself to twenty to life on the third floor.

*monday, may 9 is the 129th day of the year.  i had 324 friends as of december 31 and 335 by january one.  i will visit at least those 335–but that doesn’t mean i have forgotten my new friends.  i have already visited 117.

i need to start planning the california excursion and the manifest destiny tour of oregon, idaho, vancouver, and washington.  if anybody has any suggestions about hotels, airlines, trains, etc., i’m all ears!

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