God is startled to hear from my dad

this year has been about facebook, yes, but it’s also been about family, friendship, and God.  i am reminded of jonathan edwards’ sermon “sinners in the hands of an angry God” every day.  i think that’s the theological firestorm i’ve walked around with.  but i’ve come to see every facebook friend as having a unique relationship to God.  and it makes me realize how narrow my focus has been.  there is a great joy and happiness that comes with having a faith in a loving and righteous God.

my father justin (f2fb #30) is an atheist.  he’s like christopher hitchens.  he’s facing cancer and never once has decided on converting.

yesterday i worked out because i had an intense pain just under my sternum.  i figured if i was really having a heart attack i would collapse on the stairmaster and somebody would call for an ambulance.  i made sure to wear fresh underwear.  when i didn’t collapse i went to the doctor who gave me drugs for my stomach.   he also, quite spontaneously and without any credible evidence, declared that i was anxious and might need meds for that.  quel surprise!!!

i have not felt any better.  during the day, many facebook friends suggested that they were praying for me.  but i also received a message from my dad–

‘gainst my religious lacks, but am praying as well. you’ve already done enough on the resolution to qualify for the whole year already. bless you and keep you.

well that was a surprise.  a very nice surprise.

here is a picture of justin, this would have been the first time we met when i was twenty five.  from left to right–me, fritz leiber, justin, barbara and the little one is casey (f2fb #31) who is an actress in new york.

thanks, dad.

up next, a visit with the ultimate cougar!

2 responses to “God is startled to hear from my dad

  • Jônatas Silva

    Beautiful post!
    Jonathan Edwards was a great preacher and his words are still echo everywhere.
    The Holy Spirit brings salvation to all of your precious family my friend!

    Greetings from Rio, Brasil!

    • arlynnpresser

      thank you so much jonatas! both for your greetings from brazil and your thoughts and prayers. jonathan edwards is an extraordinary preacher and i wish that i could go back in time and hear his words directly as well!

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