if i were just ten years younger, this man wouldn’t be safe!

if i were but ten years younger.  and josh were five years older.  or if i were just better at lying about my age.  or if i lied at all about my age.

josh taylor (f2fb #143) is everything a woman wants–bright, sexy, funny, and he knows how t bet on horses.

i first met josh when he was a student at robert morris university.  one of my plays was being performed for his class and afterwards he asked a lot of intriguing, interesting questions.  which led, inevitably, to being facebook friends.  he travels a lot on business and i’m traveling a lot so we spend more time using technology to keep our friendship going–face to face time is a real treat.

he came with a posse of six and i came with f2fb friend #23 janie gibson.  some people have asked me if i ever see facebook friends again after i initially post about them and the answer is of course yes.  this project has made me realize that facebook is no substitute for really being friends.

one time, josh deactivated his account because he felt he was relying on it too much and also because there were some aspects that were making him feel uncomfortable.  so he called me to say that he was doing that.  a week later he came back to it.  i have a friend joe who deactivated his account because he was deployed into a combat area and the army asks soldiers to erase all their internet fingerprints.

so josh bet on a sweet horse and i wondered what i would do with my winnings. . .

i am not made for horse racing and apparently neither is raspberry jam!

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