home sweet hampton inn

there was no room at the inn.  that’s how another story gets started too. .  .  i flew into albany, new york with the boy scouts brandon and ben.  we picked up a car at thrifty and aimed north for montreal.  but we faltered.  all of us were tired.  we weren’t scheduled for anything until the next day, so we called the most reliable of hotels. . . the hampton inn, this one of plattsburgh, new york.

there was no room.  or, at least, no nonsmoking rooms.  we made a decision to stay at the econolodge.  it was even cheaper!  always a good thing.

the boys retired to their room and i went to mine.  i was struck by the smell of socks that had done their service in a stressful athletic setting.  was it me?  i smelled my pits and sat down on the bed so i could lift my delicate size ten foot up to my nose.  airplane industry being what it is, even a one and a half hour flight is an all day operation.  but this wasn’t me.  it was the room.  i looked up and realized that part of the ceiling was collapsing.  there had been some water damage.  there would be no heat or air conditioning because the unit by the window was under a drip drip drip from the ceiling.  there were mouse droppings in the bathroom.  but i was too tired.  i went to sleep fully dressed.  i woke up to hampton inn envy.

the next morning, i couldn't help but take a picture of the hampton inn across the way. hampton inns are always clean, they give you treats, and they listen when you have a problem. i am absolutely not paid to say this, i'm just saying it because it's true.


but it’s okay.  this morning is a new day!  off to montreal, where i’m hoping to see the biodome.  but i’ll do whatever my facebook friends want to do!  as long as i can find a hampton inn afterwards.

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