i finally meet some royalty. . . and some heavy metal coming up!

today, i met a very special facebook friend, the grand vizier of the twelfth night gala of chicago.  the twelfth night party is the longest running party in the city.  it originated in 1905 and, oddly enough, my great grandfather fritz leiber, sr. and my grandfather fritz leiber, jr. attended.

mr. grand vizier didn't actually show up at our introduction in his attire from last year's gala. this coming year will be 2012 and the very rare year in which it's the twelfth night of the twelfth year. . .

i have met a lot of interesting people this year and not all of them have been the original 325 facebook friends i had when i made my new years resolution.  i remember tom bremer in los angeles and the smallish but still flashmob in new york on brazil street.  i’ve met a few chicagoans i haven’t expected and i”ve accidentally missed a few connections of new friends in cities where they had the desire to see me but my schedule was too compacted.

the twelfth night party is very exclusive but very fun–it is very exclusive but only through facebook did we establish that i am actually a “legacy” invite.  i think planning a party of this size, scope and history must be extremely challenging.


speaking of challenging, i am trying to do my own itinerary for the pacific northwest conquest of facebook friends.  in the course of booking trains amongst the cities of eugene, portland, vancouver, seattle, i got confused.


tomorrow at five fifteen central time i am the guest of the bastard den show at maxinkradio.com–it’s a heavy metal show and i sure hope i don’t get tagged as bastard of the day!!!!

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