make your 2012 my 2011

lose five pounds?  drink less?  be more organized?  what’s your new year’s resolution?  if you can say it, if you can breathe it, if you can tell me, you haven’t aimed high enough.  it’s january 3 and you should be scared of yourself.

samoa straightened out the international dateline by giving up friday the 30th of this year. just eliminated it from their calendar. i think they just were anxious to get to the new years party but you can switch your clock around too! make this day december 31!


last year at this time i was shaking.  i had posted a video on facebook telling the world i would be visiting every one of my facebook friends.  which video, of course, was ignored by ninety percent of my facebook friends but . . .  it’s the ten percent who paid attention who made the difference.

who can argue with the man?


that ten percent of my friends said “yeah, we’ll see you soon!”  and that’s the point–seeing facebook friends, meeting people, traveling, getting out of my house, it’s scary to me.  it’s the way i aim high.  your personal “aim high” is different.  maybe you’re scared of going back to school.  maybe you think you have forever lost the fat war.  maybe you believe you will never have dinner at the ritz carlton because you won’t ever have that kind of money.  whatever it is, announce it.  tell everybody.  tell me.  once you say it, you own it.  my resolution is to . . . .

okay, so yesterday, i finally got to meet mr. f2fb friend #292.  i first came to know frank skony because he was a producer of a show my son eastman was in and he’s done a lot of costume and set design for shows both of my sons have been in.  two years ago, i noticed he was posting about dental work he was having.  he’s a midthirtysomething guy and he’s saying i don’t like my teeth and i’m going to do whatever it takes so that i am okay with my teeth.  i like that!  i admire that!

i have ended the year seeing ninety percent of my facebook friends that i had on january 1, 2011.  if your new years resolution is to make a million dollars, i don’t think you’ll be unhappy if you make nine hundred thousand.  if your new years resolution is to lose fifty pounds, you’re not going to quibble if you lose 45.  and if your new years resolution is to de-hoard and de-clutter your house, it’s going to be okay if you have one really awful closet.

i don’t know my new years resolution for 2012. i’m a little behind.  i’m a little samoa-like.  i’m recovering from 2011 which became all consuming.  your resolution for 2012 should be all consuming too!  and i’m with you.  so you make the resolution.  and you announce it.  and then. . .

the phrase originated in the 1986 film the fly starring jeff goldblum and geena davis--they were married for three years which in hollywood years is a golden anniversary


so think of the thing that defeats you.  the one thing that would make john wayne say “get on the goddamn horse” and that’s what you’re going to do this year.  and i have to figure out what puts me down on the dust next to the horse and i will tell my friends.  all of them.  facebook included.  tomorrow. . .

3 responses to “make your 2012 my 2011

  • Sigridur Magnusdottir

    I wanted to answer all three! You have set a challenge, I will have to sleep on this, hopefully my night brain works better than my day brain. The day one tends to be very realistic and says – No, that’s not going to happen.. whilst the night one has a ball in all sorts of situations that I would not imagine with my day one. I turn 50 next year – so that´s a pretty big deal on it’s own… promise to post tomorrow or send you a pm on fb.- hopefully then I will have found myself as great a challenge as yours. Day brain is saying “I doubt it” again, thank you, you are an inspiration to us inside day brainers…. well done YOU!

    • arlynnpresser

      sigridur, i checked out prices on flights to iceland last night! uh oh, budget buster. but it is on the list. but come on, figure out the biggest most outrageous thing. the one thing nobody would expect from you. and it will be done!

      • Sigridur Magnusdottir

        the prices are outrageous at the moment – so much better to come in summer – 24 hours daylight etc… and then the airlines have extra extra special deals. from the US the main airlines are Icelandair and Iceland Express… the express one in my mind is at a dodgy stage at the moment… so would go with Icelandair if they are in any way reasonable. But…. given all that I know is that both do cross atlantic deals with stop overs in Iceland – so if there is someone you need to meet in London or Paris or Frankfurt or Copenhagen, then doing a two in one is the way to do it… and also… Iceland is a slow travel country – you know like the slow food thing… it’s not done in a day or two… here you need to relax! and take it all in. So, consider it a stop over on the way to somewhere else… make sure it is at least a three night stop over – so at least I can show you something of the place… and make a date with a friend in some place in Europe (it will be cheaper – I am sure)…. Am so looking forward to meeting you – maybe this is my resolution for 2012… Also…. if all else fails – you are most definitely number one on my invitation list to my 5oth birthday party on 13 October…. where will be notified later… but I reckon it will probably be here in the village…

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