packed up for my first facebook journey of the new year!

i am ready for a facebook friendship adventure!  or at least, i’ve packed my carharrt’s bag!  tomorrow morning i head east to ohio and then ultimately, on thursday, i will end up on the doorstep of my first facebook friend of the year.  she might have a panic attack.  i might have a panic attack.  we might together panic a bit.  there’s a certain element of uncertainty!

along with meriwether lewis, william clark led the lewis and clark expedition. beginning in 1803, the duo traveled for three years across the western half of the united states, securing for president thomas jefferson the pacific northwest. although dead since 1838, clark has a facebook page. he is my facebook friend and i visited him last year. okay, maybe i just visited his biographer lanny jones.


my facebook friend in michigan has not left the house for some time.  today i had a very afraid day and i think she must have those days every day. still, i want to see her and be a good friend to her.  i think it’s really important to use facebook as a tool for good friendship, but good friendship can’t “just” be facebook.


i am packed for adventure, with my william clark doll. he has been with me for every journey. last year, he traveled an estimated 60,000 miles. well, so did i.


so wish me and mr. clark luck–i am nervous, but i know that nervousness is just the other side of the coin of excited!

3 responses to “packed up for my first facebook journey of the new year!

  • Mary McManus

    A wonderful yoga teacher, Jacqui Bonwell says that nervousness is just your Spirit knocking on the door of your skin telling you you can do it! Can’t wait to spend some wonderful time with you.

  • Fizzy

    Yay, you will do this and imagine how much you will change this persons life ! best wishes for the trip, there is nthing better than being able to relax as you know the other person understands and is goijng through the same thing 😀 cant wait to hear how it goes x

  • SciAwakening

    I think of Lewis and Clark every time I travel out west. What an adventure that must have been. Congrats on facing your fears and embarking on your own adventure. As someone recovering from Social Anxiety Disorder, I am very interested in your story. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

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