checking in with a facebook friend . . .

yesterday, i went to coldwater, where i met f2fb friend #294 molly parshall.  she was with her husband jeff, who is my f2fb friend #300.  molly last month made a commitment to change some things about how she lives.  namely, how she stays in her house.  she is a smart, motivated woman who is going to one day change the world.  but right now she’s just about changing herself.  this is how she took charge of things a month ago. . .


from a distance, using only facebook and an occasional phone call to check in, i wasn’t too sure how molly was doing.  i think she had focused more on sharing with me the times she hadn’t been able to do what she set out to do rather than on how much she’s actually done.  i was really wowed when i came to the parshall home on the river’s edge.  she was so happy and cheerful and i got to meet jeff for the first time.  jeff works at the local foundry but had the day off.  i took a chance–i asked to drive with her and jeff to the train station.  we got there.  yeah, sure, she had a big anxiety attack and we had to turn around, but we made it to the station.  i’m so damn proud of molly and i’m so amazed at the love and support of her husband jeff.

after we got back from the train station we three walked down to the river in back of their house. i can't wait for the day when molly and jeff visit me in chicago!


the afternoon was a delight and i left with a huge smile.  but i had the ohio turnpike to contend with.  and that is no fun whatsoever.   now i am napping in a hotel in ohio before making the push to drive into pennsylvania. . .

9 responses to “checking in with a facebook friend . . .

  • Sigridur Magnusdottir

    You are amazing.. had tears in my eyes watching that clip… You really are making a difference, I wish Molly all the best with her goals. Life is taken in steps and that’s the right attitude… just one step at a time and don’t have uber expectations… Well done you Arlynn! and WELL done YOU Molly!

    • arlynnpresser

      molly is so darn cool! and you are too, as always. i’ve been a little frantic lately but i’m coming back up to speed and so is my car!!!

      • Sigridur Magnusdottir

        just so you know… there is no need for you to stress out over answering my comments… I am just happy to by a by stander in your life and to see how well you are doing and how you are helping others. You have enough stress in your life without having to answer everyone… some will expect it and hey – do it for them.. for me – I am happy to watch and comment when I feel I need to – and remember – when you want to chill out – Iceland awaits, …. you are always welcome!!!!

  • yogesh dhiman

    I want to connect my face book account with my worldpress account

  • yogesh dhiman

    . pl connect face book account with world press account

  • 4merjagsfan

    I was doing a little rummaging down my email queue when I happened onto a blog about your blog, finished it and clicked on the link that carried me here.

    Amazed is not close enough to my reaction to your blog. Astounded is better, but only slightly. You see, I’m reading this at my insurance office. I need to get some appointments — desperately need to feed my Wells Fargo account. But, I promised I would read a post or two. But, no one told me there was a video imbedded in the wonderful flow of your words — in just about every blog. (I was so VERY moved by Brenda’s story.) But I have work to do! People to call, don’t ya see. And, if I were going to fudge on anything “Insurance related” it was going to be to work on promoting my novel.

    So, I found the “Comment” button and will reluctantly leave your pages, today. But, not before I click on the follow button. I suspect I shall be coming back many times in the days and months ahead.

    God bless you and the work you are doing.

    • arlynnpresser

      oh, gosh, sweet, this means i’m not appropriate for the workplace!!! that sounds slightly scandalous. just right scandalous! thank you very much for your support. i hope you like all the videos and the pictures and the beautiful beautiful friends i have met! and continue to meet every day!

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