home for the holidays. . . .

winnetka is a very sweet, very small town on the edge of lake michigan, scant miles but many years away from the modern world.  everyone knows everyone else.  the word “appropriate” is used a lot and not in any sort of ironic way.  education is important.  it’s why we’re here.  and i haven’t spent a lot of time here in the past year and a half even though i love my little home.  

the windshield on my car was blown out and dealing with geico and safelight is a little like dealing with the two of the three stooges.  but one day the pratfalls will stop and i’ll get my car back and can hit the road.  in the meantime, i realize i am home for one of winnetka’s most cherished holiday weeks. .. .

5 responses to “home for the holidays. . . .

  • frankharrisnovels

    I can really identify with u about geico. If people knew what cheats they were nobody would use them.

  • Faye-Merrill Geller

    Dear ArLynn,
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  • lindaogborn

    I can relate to the holiday…in fact (my friends hate it) I don’t even own a tv. LOL. I do have my computer and my one favorite show (Dancing With The Stars) I watch a day late on that. 2012 and I’m still behind…what to do (besides laugh with sheer joy?)…LOL. I love your blog! 🙂

  • Sigridur Magnusdottir

    I like Winnetka.. it has my vote for having the best ideas for festivals. Once upon a time in Iceland there was no tv on thursdays and none during the month of July….. I found it quite bizarre when I first came here on holidays with mum, but now looking back I think that it was probably a good thing. Well done you! Well done Winnetka!

  • arlynnpresser

    NO TELEVISION ON THURSDAYS OR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF JULY?????? okay, sigridur, you HAVE to make arrangements to come visit winnetka this year. especially in july, it’s my birthday month and we can have so much fun. . . and we can travel around america meeting facebook friends!

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