the most beautiful present from a facebook friend and angels make their intentions known

in the christian, muslim and jewish traditions, the archangel gabriel is often responsible for relaying messages to mortals, such as when gabriel told mary that she would bear a child and his name would be emmanuel. this picture is not of that moment.

my cracked windshield has been repaired although i’m not supposed to drive for a while to allow the glass to “cure”.

as angels so often take many forms, it is possible that the archangel gabriel, or some sort of messenger, has taken the form of a slow moving geico insurance claims system and a really slow safelight glass repair shop. because my son joseph has been saying "you need to stop traveling and sit down and start writing a book about what you did last year." maybe the only way it can happen is if my car is disabled and my airplane slush fund emptied.

but i’ll be on the road tomorrow visiting facebook friend #304. . ..

last night, as i drifted to sleep, i believed that the angel gabriel and a few others had come to fly over my head. nope, it was bats, i think three of them, i was pretty hysterical at the time. swiping the air with a broom didn't intimidate them and crying left them unmoved. maybe i could ask these bats to guard the house, intimidating any robbers while i am away.

tomorrow i start to make plans for trips to new york (with a side trip through pennsylvania) and nevada.  but i think there is something to what the angel gabriel and my son joseph have been telling me. . . i need to write a book about last year because it was the most wonderful experience of friendship.  if you know a publisher who would want a book with embedded videos and photos, or an agent with imagination, or ryan gosling (i just want to meet him, okay????)  tell me all about it.

yesterday, i did receive the most wonderful present from f2fb (face to facebook) friend  #301 brenda jeffries.  she is the gal who has agoraphobia and lives in detroit with the help of her surviving children (her daughter raven was murdered several years ago).  i picked up that her oldest son in particular felt that physical exercise and the experience of the “high” you get when you’re really working out would be good for her.  i sent a present.  this is the result:

a lot of people who have agoraphobia feel comfortable outside so long as they are with a "safe" person. my two safe people are my sons and brenda feels safe with her children. tim and brenda are going bike riding. i'm so happy for them. if you're in detroit and you see her tooling around on this bike, wave to her!

thank you brenda, you MADE my day, my week, my month!

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