the most insanely beautiful make my day present!

my facebook friends blake and molly made a collage that is the greatest "make my day" gift . . . i am so happy for them both!

i have had two beat myself up pajama days.  can’t move days.  it’s very easy to get completely down on myself and then i’m just not able to move.  at all.  i did get out briefly yesterday with no permanent tissue damage and i intended today to be a full throttle okay world i’m here come at me with all you got day.

but i was nervous last night going to sleep, thinking about the possibility that i might wake up and just not have it in me.  then i got a puzzling text from f2fb (face to facebook) friend #294 molly parshall.  i’ve visited her twice in coldwater, michigan.  she is like a daughter to me and i worry because she has spent a lot of pajama days in her home.  we’ll call them pajama months.  okay, maybe years.

last night, she texted me that there was a big surprise in my facebook mailbox.  this morning, this picture is what i found.  she did it, she absolutely positively did it!  out of the house, out to the park, playing with her son blake.  like any other mother, she will do anything to make her son smile!!!

damn, i wish i would have been there!  but this picture she sent me is the next bestest thing!

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