who doesn’t get motivated by a new dress?

colleen is a facebook friend who sometimes has trouble with driving by herself. she set up a system after my visit this winter so that every time she faced that fear she put ten dollars towards a dress she and i had admired in taylorville's best dress shop. this is her birthday picture and she's wearing the dress. .. can i get an amen that she looks gorgeous??? and like she said, "who doesn't get motivated by a new dress?"


we can face adversity, fear, and adverse circumstances by treating it like a game with ourselves and that’s what my facebook friend (number 298 if we’re counting) did with her fear.  she’s now the proud owner of a gorgeous white dress that makes her look HAWT!!!! oh, and also, some pride.

congratulations colleen!!!

11 responses to “who doesn’t get motivated by a new dress?

  • Jeanne Beckman

    Way to go, Colleen
    Jeanne Beckman

  • jackbassteam

    A new tie does it for me – hard to find a dress that would complement my green eyes .

  • howardlovelyjr

    I’m with you on that Jack…!!!
    I’m sure that my masculine figure would not flatter that dress to say the least….Ha!…Ha!…Ha!

    Kudos to you Colleen for being creative in your healing-process…!!! 🙂
    You wear “it” well Couageous-Creative-Woman…!!!!

    Arlynn,….I think you’ve started something here,….I’m not sure what,….but it sure is inspirational….

    Howard Lovely, Jr.

  • princess92028

    Arlynn, I am very proud to say that I love reading your post about “FEAR”. When I was in AA we had a saying for FEAR. Face Everything And Recover. Well, my biggest fear is spiders and needles. Granted that I do work with needles cause I am a phlebotomist at Quest Diagnostics here in Florida, I still don’t like being stuck. I get anxiety attacks real bad and put off on getting my blood work cause of it. My coworkers laugh but some don’t understand why I can stick someone but just can’t take it myself. So I know what you fear. I think I would not go out of my house either cause I am also afraid of being judged on how I look, or what I wear, or what I drive. I still have a fear of relationships also. But I have been with a gentleman that I love and would do anything for, but I still fear the word commitment as well. Sometimes I think our biggest thing about fear is just being able to face it. Once we overcome and conquer it, we become better people towards others.

  • martinruffner

    I have a friend who hates to fly yet is in the air every other week and that is exactly what he does -makes a game of it. Well done!

  • Edward Summers

    Colleen, You look absolutly stunning in that dress. Congratulations for setting and meeting your goal. I know it must have taken a lot, but the end result was worth it. That is a very beautiful dress.

  • tpaige3

    Very cool! And amen, she looks Awesome in that dress!!!

  • Missus Tribble

    That’s a gorgeous dress; she looks wonderful 🙂

  • Julia Kovach

    Amen! She looks FABULOUS! Gorgeous dress too! xoxo

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