facebook tanks and so do i!

last week, it was all about the facebook initial public offering (ipo) making billionaires out of the facebook team, about the ipo revitalizing the united states stock market, about investors clamoring for a piece of the $38 per share pie!  facebook was bigger than elvis, jesus, and the beatles combined!

last week, mark’s fiancee priscilla graduated from medical school, he had a birthday, there was the great day when facebook shares were made available to the public for the first time and, of course, there was the wedding. this week? maybe it’s a good idea that mark and priscilla are on their honeymoon. because investors think their honeymoon with facebook is over!


shares opened at $38 and have struggled to keep above $32 ever since.  one startling accusation/development has occurred:  jp morgan, morgan stanley and goldman sachs cut their price estimates and VERBALLY advised their largest institutional investors to be wary of the facebook ipo.  the smaller investors were not given the benefit of this advice.  and where did this negativity come from?  the  three companies have indicated that a facebook executive, again VERBALLY, that the facebook financial situation wasn’t all that great and that expected revenues were going to be lower than expected.

there will be investigations, there will be further drops in the stock price, i suspect it will bottom out at $16 per share.  at least, that’s when i’m going to start chipping in.

so a downer day for facebook and a bit of a downer day for me.  i woke up with an anxiety attack  that i tried to ward off with meditation and then with a run.  i tried writing down ten things i was grateful for–a mental exercise that usually does the trick–but i couldn’t get past three before the internal “i’m dying of a heart attack” scream took over.  i caved, and took four ativan.  spent the rest of the day in a  bit of a haze.  but as the great philosopher and femme fatale said “tomorrow is another day!”

and it will be a new day for facebook as well!

13 responses to “facebook tanks and so do i!

  • Smiley

    Seemed to be uncharacteristically quiet you did. Ants and behaviors seems the more you stretch a big snap comes round..hope you are feeling better!

  • howardlovelyjr

    Hey Arlynn,…
    Remember to take a “compassion-pill” and your “best” is all you can ever do for yourself.

    I take “C-Pills” like tic-tacs all day long…!!!
    Ha!…Ha!…Ha! 😉

    Howard Lovely, Jr.

  • soundhippy

    My cousin and I both have anxiety attacks, and we were talking about it over the weekend. She told me she has a little mantra she repeats to herself when she has one: “It’s okay. You’re having a panic attack, and it will pass soon. You’re okay. You’ll be fine.” She suggested I have a little mantra of my own at the ready. I’m thinking something other than, “I gotta get outta here!” would be good! 😉

    I hope you have a better day tomorrow.

  • Spectra

    I’ve beenover the whole Facebook thing for quite awhile now. Turns out, my old high school gang doesn’t have much to say. Kids,a few with grandkids, medical tests and new mattresses that support aging backs. Trends tend to die down as other social media take over, much like a night club is cool for awhile, then a new one opens up and everyone rushes over there. My guess is the FB execs saw a dipping revenue trend and decided to grab the biggest bust of cash they could before it flounders into a sliver of conversation one day.

    Good luck to you on the anxiety thing. Getting off attivan nearly killed me.

  • Monica Nobrega (@DrLikilila)

    The fight promised to be vicious and bloody , and the watching crowd was emotionally charged and loud … We grew excited by the protest of an evening in their company ans wondered what they were like <

  • Pink Ninjabi

    A fabulous post, and you are so brave for being your best support. Hugs to you!!! 😀 Now go read my post so that the yellow kittehs can cheer you up. 😀


  • arlynnpresser

    your kittens ALWAYS make me cheerful!

  • tonytyner

    Hi Arlynn, Sorry to hear about the panic attack. 😦 Sending peaceful vibes your way.

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