cute puppies and their cuter moms

without pictures of cute puppies and kittens, most social networking sites would collapse.*

one exception, of course, is linkedin because these guys are, like, serious. about their networking. i have a linkedin account but i never use it because i get intimidated. also, there is no reason anybody should want to network with me because i can’t even get myself a job, much less find one for someone else!

some of my facebook friends are cats and dogs and i am particularly close to my facebook friends PB and Joe Kral, who were the 250th and 251st facebook friends i met with.  pb had read an article about me and reached out because she thought i might enjoy being friends with her dog joe.  pb and her husband own five dogs.  only joe has a facebook account and he has over thirteen hundred friends.  some of them are dogs and some of them are, like me, people.  joe’s dog friends include skeeter sez, chubbyhugs wallace, stewie dadane, and chester hoover.  all of these dogs are friends or followers of nigel buggers, a dog who is the self-described chief hound of “life with dogs” —

every year, the dogs in joe’s circle of friends send their “moms” to a facebook party.  this year the party was held at the kral home in lake forest, illinois.  guests came from as far away as england and i was particularly happy to finally meet chester hoover’s mom.  chester is my facebook friend.  so is chester’s mom, michelle statler who is the 325th facebook friend i have met since i made a new year’s resolution at the beginning of 2011 to meet all my facebook friends as well as andrea joffe (326) who came all the way from cincinnati, ohio. . . something makes me think i’m going to see her again when i make my next visit to my son eastman (facebook friend number one) at oberlin college.

*one of the great pleasures of my day is reading the blogpost of my friend pink ninjabi–she employs cute kitten pictures to make insightful and witty and fun observations about being a canadian chinese convert to islam.  go check it out at!

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