i should be what stays in vegas

in vegas, with my facebook friend chaperones reggie and vince, we planned on meeting up with facebook friend niteen joshilkar.  i was very interested in meeting him because he has done me the most important favor in this facebook project.  when he noticed that i was receiving so many friendship requests that i was teetering on the edge of 5,000, he created a “public profile” page where people who want to keep track of my adventures can subscribe and send me messages.  i was grateful.  but also i think niteen is wonderful.

alas, niteen was in florida stuck in meetings and missed his flight.  so i had some time to kill in vegas.  i asked only one thing:

alas, we left the next day without any new shoes and with niteen having never gotten back to his home in vegas.  but with all the poker, the free champagne, the food, the dazzling showgirls, i think the most fun was going to the monet exhibit at the bellagio hotel.

at lax airport, i asked vince and reggie for their postal addresses.  i wanted to send them thank you notes for their valor and courage in being my chaperones.  because no matter how close you feel to a person you correspond with on facebook, myspace, linkedin, etc., you should allow for safety first.

easy enough to send vince p. a thank you note but reggie is being shipped out to afghanistan in two weeks. so for the moment, he doesn’t have a fixed address. . . just like me. so instead, i have to say it here: thank you reggie! i asked him what he wanted in care packages and he replied toilet paper and food. lots of food. will do, captain!


i’m terribly sad that i missed meeting niteen joshilkar.  but flight has delays, cancellations, booking problems, hassles.  and so i will wait and try again.  meanwhile,  i look forward to turning fifty two and thinking i am part of a wonderful adventure–life!

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