first we take all your blood out of you. . .

at the southeast community blood center in tallahassee, florida, i am watching a frankensteinian experiment.  for the first time in tallahassee, a provenge treatment is being performed.  my father justin is the lucky patient, and lucky is absolutely the word.

provenge is a cancer treatment which promises up to three months of continued health.  it costs $90,000.  luckily, justin is covered by insurance.

when i came down to florida, i had an expectation of renting a car and toddling all over the place meeting facebook friends.  i had a great sense of anticipation. but i was anticipating something that isn’t happening:  instead, justin’s wife left for a business trip and i am a witness to history.  although provenge has been done in other parts of the country, this is new . . . for tallahassee and for justin.

nurses adam and denise are referred to as “vein whisperers” because they can get a needle into the very smallest of veins. over a three hour period, all of justin’s blood will circulate through a machine that extracts white blood cells.

justin’s blood will go through tallahassee airport. .. . i hope it doesn’t get stopped by the t.s.a.  and then . . . they’ll put the blood back into him!

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